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Bạn đang xem: We win as one là gì

My heart beats with competition. I don’t know where to lớn look when people say that participation is more important than winning.

Drone show at the closingceremony of the 2019SEA GAMES,The Philippines

I leave that part of parenting of my children to my husb&. My voice is loud & convincing when I sing the song The winner takes it all of Abcha. Therefore, I just had to give sầu it a second thought when I saw the 2019 SEA GAMES biểu ngữ in the Philippines being ‘WE WIN AS ONE’. What does that mean?

Meanwhile, I was on my mission in the Philippines promoting inter-local government cooperation between Local Government Units: cities, municipalities, provinces etc. for the purpose of improved solid waste management.

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Thinking it over, I can only embrace this biểu ngữ of we win as one, because when cooperating you vị. You combine strengths to together beat.. well in this case a lachồng of capađô thị và the immense social, economic & environmental disasters especially vulnerable people are facing in their daily lives. 

No one is winning now, và we can be the winning team. Ok, seeing it as a team sport, it was extra great this time that I had a chance khổng lồ meet the League of Municipalities together with the League of Cities và to discover the existence of their umbrella Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines, or league of leagues as they say. All Local Government Units needed to lớn join forces lớn better implement the Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan. And coming baông chồng to lớn the SEA GAMES, where I was able to lớn listen khổng lồ the speaker of the house: it took the Philippines only 27 months to lớn implement the Master Plan of this major sự kiện. Can it be done with the Manila Bay Master Plan as well? Let’s win as one.

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