a thick rubber ring, often filled with air, that is fitted around the outer edge of the wheel of a vehicle, allowing the vehicle khổng lồ stick khổng lồ the road surface và to travel over the ground more easily:

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What remains after the removal of these two groups is a range of typical " import substituting" industries: processed foods, paints, plastic sheeting and articles, tyres, footwear, và furniture.
Possibly, grip is also open khổng lồ a middle inter pretation: the tyres are such that the car can better grip the road as it is driven.
A recent survey of worn oto tyres indicated that some older tyres can develop a degree of tread separation in service.
Production of tractor tyres generally is limited at present by materials and labour difficulties which have been accentuated by the fuel crisis.
Although tyres cannot yet be supplied for stocking, steps have sầu been taken to ensure that no vehicle need be immobilised for lachồng of such tyres.
Present circumstances make it necessary khổng lồ restrict the issue of pneumatic tyres for all types of vehicles, including tractors and trailers for essential requirements.
A recent survey has indicated that most tyres are being changed before or when their legal limit of 1.6 milimet is reached.
The pile of tyres caught light, resulting in a huge fire that threatened a vast area of community forest land & nearby communities.
Current producer responsibility initiatives cover packaging, newspapers, batteries, tyres, vehicles và electronic equipment.
A company making motor tyres has gone on to making bicycle wheels, aircraft spare parts and has a wholesale & retail department.
I expect khổng lồ make regulations later this year lớn strengthen the powers lớn ensure that tyres are safe.

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They were for toothpaste, drinking chocolate, margarine, motor spirit, tyres & beef extract—nothing that lends itself too much lớn exaggeration.
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