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Cnnzltuttxa3Tuxo Video Embed List

    1. Trump defends Mexico deal as skepticism intensifies
      Duration: 8:33

    2. This caught the eye of social media users during Trump's press conference
      Duration: 2:01

    3. Trump's stunning admission causes backlash
      Duration: 6:57

    4. Donald Trump's narrow 2020 map
      Duration: 5:54

    5. Watch Trump say goodbye to Sarah Sanders
      Duration: 4:01

    6. Trump tweets that Sarah Sanders is leaving White House
      Duration: 1:51

    7. Trump asserts executive privilege over 2020 census materials
      Duration: 9:06

    8. Burnett: Trump has to do something to back out of threat
      Duration: 12:03

    9. George Conway: President Trump is 'mentally unwell'
      Duration: 3:40

    10. Police fire tear gas on crowds during Hong Kong protests
      Duration: 11:01

    11. Trump accidentally reveals part of his alleged secret deal
      Duration: 4:10

    12. Voicemail from Trump lawyer shows possible attempt to obstruct
      Duration: 10:24

    13. Burnett: Here's why Pelosi's jabs land harder than Trump's
      Duration: 10:49

    14. Bill Maher: Trump is winning. I'm sick of winning
      Duration: 10:52

    15. Don Lemon: In this White House, anything goes
      Duration: 9:09

    16. Federal office says Kellyanne Conway should be removed from government
      Duration: 7:18

    17. Source: Frustration in White House over ABC interview
      Duration: 8:01

    18. Helicopter crash witness: You could feel the building shake
      Duration: 10:32

    19. Huckabee fires back at CNN analyst calling Sarah Sanders a liar
      Duration: 4:33

    20. How 'we’ll see' became Trump’s philosophy
      Duration: 4:48