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Cnnzltutb3Dyalbn Video Embed List

    1. Bottomline | New AWACS Purchase Deals With Israel And Russia | CNN News18
      Duration: 4:59

    2. Israel deals new blow to 2-state solution
      Duration: 2:38

    3. CNN analyst: President destroyed whatever leverage we had
      Duration: 9:28

    4. Trump announces new US-Mexico trade deal
      Duration: 20:03

    5. US and Canada reach deal on NAFTA
      Duration: 8:03

    6. Cuba deals with cholera epidemic
      Duration: 2:33

    7. Thanksgiving meal or Black Friday deals?
      Duration: 2:17

    8. Trump praises new trade deal with Canada, Mexico
      Duration: 25:11

    9. Ethics concerns over Trump's China deals
      Duration: 2:44

    10. Video shows fist fight over Black Friday deals
      Duration: 1:33

    11. Ryan Nobles of CNN Checks in on Trump's new trade deals
      Duration: 12:11

    12. How to negotiate a trade deal
      Duration: 2:10

    13. Cuomo: What if Obama made this deal with Kim Jong Un?
      Duration: 8:56

    14. CNN catches North Korean fishermen dodging sanctions
      Duration: 4:03

    15. Anderson Cooper: Cohen lied because Trump lied to US
      Duration: 5:22

    16. This Renault concept car is a lounge on wheels
      Duration: 1:10

    17. Supreme Court deals major blow to unions
      Duration: 4:48