Bush started his Paxton challenge with a fundraising lead of $2.3 million to $1.8 million, but Paxton easily maintains the most cash on hvà in a primary that also includes Eva Guzman, the former state Supreme Court justice.

by Patrichồng Svitek July 16, 2021 Updated: July 18, 2021


Texas L& Commissioner George P.. Bush announced his candidacy for Texas Attorney General at an sự kiện inside Buford's Bar in Austin on June 2, 2021. Credit: Sergio Flores for The Texas Tribune
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L& Commissioner George Phường. Bush kicked off his attorney general chiến dịch by outraising the incumbent, fellow Republican Ken Paxton, & another primary challenger, former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman. But Paxton has more money saved up for the battle than both of his opponents.

According khổng lồ campaign finance reports released Friday, Bush raised $2.3 million over the last 10 days of June, while Paxton took in $1.8 million and Guzman collected $1.1 million. The campaigns had announced those figures earlier in the week, making clear Bush would be the fundraising leader for the period.

The filings that came out Friday, though, showed Paxton with a clear cash-on-h& advantage — $6.8 million in reserves. Bush reported $2.7 million in cash on hand, while Guzman disclosed $611,000.

The GOP.. primary for attorney general is shaping up to lớn be one of the hotkiểm tra statewide contests of the election cycle, with Paxton facing the two opponents amid an FBI investigation inkhổng lồ claims that he abused his office to lớn help a wealthy donor & a long-running securities fraud indictment. He has denied wrongdoing in both cases.

Making the primary even more dramatic is the fact that former President Donald Trump has teased an endorsement in the race.

The 2022 gubernatorial race has also drawn early interest. Gov. Greg Abbott already faces at least three primary rivals, including former state Sen. Don Huffines of Dallas và former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West, the most recent entrant. West announced his campaign July 4, which came after the period covering by the lakiểm tra filings with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Huffines announced his Abbott challenge in early May, và his campaign claimed last week that he "raised over $9.1 million since entering the race." However, his report shows that was a misleading clalặng — his chiến dịch had $9.1 million in receipts, but $5 million of it came via Huffines himself. He directly loaned himself $500,000 and secured a bank loan of $4.5 million that he guaranteed. Huffines also received a $2 million donation from his brother, Philip Huffines.

Abbott, meanwhile, announced last week that he raked in over $18.7 million during the last 10 days of June và had $55 million cash on hand, a massive war chest even by the high fundraising standards Abbott has previously set. Huffines disclosed a cash-on-hand balance of $7.6 million.

Abbott"s report showed he actually raised $trăng tròn.9 million for the 10-day period, including four $1 million checks. They came from Houston construction executive James Pitcoông xã Jr., Dallas telecommunications billionaire Kenny Troutt, Hill Country ranchers Michael & Mary Porter — previously seven-figure donors to lớn Abbott — và Dallas pipeline mogul Kelcy Warren.

Warren"s company, Energy Transfer, massively profited from the February winter weather crisis, reporting in May that it saw an additional $2.4 billion in earnings this year related to lớn the storm.

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In the GOPhường primary for attorney general, Paxton"s top donors included the Republican Attorneys General Association và Midl& oilman Douglas Scharbauer. Each donated $250,000.

Bush got some of his biggest contributions in installments of $100,000 each from Dallas oil mogul Trevor Rees-Jones, Woodlands lawyer Arnulfo Eduarbởi Treviño Garza và H.H. "Tripp" Wommaông chồng Ill, the CEO of a Midl& oilfield services company.

Guzman"s donor danh mục was led by Texans for Lawsuit Resize, the tort resize group that backed her quickly after she launched her bid. She got $200,000 from TLR, as well as $100,000 from its founder, Diông chồng Weekley.

As her campaign promised Monday, Guzman attracted donations from some top Texas GOPhường donors. She got $100,000 from Dallas billionaire businessman Robert Rowling, for example. At least one of the names touted by Guzman"s campaign, Woody Hunt, also gave sầu to lớn Bush.

The land commissioner hailed his fundraising success as another sign that Texas Republicans are ready lớn move sầu on from the embattled Paxton. Bush said in a statement Monday — after it became clear he had outraised Paxton and Guzman — that "the message here is clear — Texans demvà accountability from our Attorney General’s office."

While Guzman"s campaign touted her prominent donors earlier in the week, a Bush friend & fundraiser, Jay Zeidman, said he saw a distinction with the crowd that his candidate has been attracting.

"I think it’s just a stark contrast lớn the old establishment trying to lớn hand-select a candidate versus this next generation candidate in George Phường.," Zeidman said. "I look around at the people helping hlặng, supporting hyên ổn, raising money — it’s not a room full of a bunch of old guys. It’s an incredibly energetic, very diverse group of people.”

On the Democratic side of the race, the candidates include Joe Jaworski, a Galveston lawyer and former mayor of the đô thị, and Lee Merritt, the well-known civil rights attorney from North Texas.

Jaworski raised $452,000 during the first half of the year, according to his lachạy thử TEC filing, và ended the period with a balance of $525,000. Merritt did not officially announce his chiến dịch until Tuesday — after the period covered by the lathử nghiệm reports — though he has had a TEC account open since early June & reported $100,000 in donations from Real Justice PAC, a national group that mainly works to lớn elect progressive prosecutors at the local màn chơi.

Outside the contests for governor & attorney general, Democrats have a candidate for lieutenant governor, Mike Collier, who reported raising $757,000 through June after announcing his intent lớn run in early April. He spent $509,000 for a balance of $203,000.

Collier is running against the Republican incumbent, Dan Patrick, again after losing by 5 percentage points in 2018. Collier"s campaign said the $757,000 haul represented a "massive sầu fundraising increase compared to lớn his 2018 run."

Still, Patriông xã remained far ahead of Collier in the money race on the latest filings, showing $5 million raised và $23.6 million cash on hand.

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