someone who claims lớn communicate with the dead in order lớn discover what is going to happen in the future, or who is involved in black magic (= magic used for bad purposes):

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Leonarbởi vì domain authority Vinci was thought lớn be a necromancer due khổng lồ his extensive knowledge of human anatomy and his study of dead bodies.

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The management of the economy of this country is an art và one needs the arcane devices of the necromancer to succeed.
Therefore, we have all these modern necromancers advocating a change from one size of currency to another.
Statistical necromancers will study the entrails of chickens lớn decide what inflation will be like in a year"s time khổng lồ place a predetermined straitjacket on the economy.
It is warmer than the other precincts & there is no fog, allowing a necromancer to see in every direction.
Throughout the course of the storyline, the player is given opportunities to lớn side with either dragons or Long hunters, & either sun priests or necromancers.
Additionally, necromancers preferred to lớn summon the recently departed based on the premise that their revelations were spoken more clearly.
The necromancer is most often a speciacác mục wizard, using the base rules for mages or wizards and adding death-magic.
Though the practitioners of necromancy were linked by many common threads, there is no evidence that these necromancers were ever organized as a group.
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