How Prageru Lies To You

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How Prageru Lies To You Video Embed List

    1. How PragerU Lies to You - The British Empire
      Duration: 19:41

    2. How PragerU Lies to You
      Duration: 29:25

    3. Prager U is Complete Nonsense
      Duration: 19:13

    4. Debunking PragerU 5: "Why You Should Be a Nationalist"
      Duration: 22:38

    5. PragerU Caught lying about Medicare For All
      Duration: 30:24

    6. PragerU caught lying about the Iraq War AGAIN
      Duration: 15:01

    7. Did Socialism Destroy Venezuela? A Response to PragerU
      Duration: 22:31

    8. The Snowflake Generation? A Response to Thoughty2
      Duration: 24:05

    9. The Great Replacement Isn't Real - ft. Lauren Southern
      Duration: 29:16

    10. A Response to Roaming Millennial's "People of Color: You Are Not Oppressed"
      Duration: 20:08

    11. Did Bush Lie About Iraq?
      Duration: 5:56

    12. Was the Civil War About Slavery? (Richey Reacts to PragerU)
      Duration: 26:37

    13. Dennis Prager Is An Idiot | #PragerU
      Duration: 11:51

    14. The Nonsense Politics of PragerU
      Duration: 32:15

    15. Response to Prager University LIES on Iraq War
      Duration: 10:00

    16. Kyle Kulinski EXPOSES PragerU And Their LIES
      Duration: 5:04

    17. Prager U's lies aboute Planned Parenthood - A Centrist Debunks
      Duration: 10:17

    18. Why You Can't Argue with a Leftist
      Duration: 4:40

    19. Is PragerU lying to you? Deconstructing/Reaction to a YouTube video
      Duration: 24:53

    20. PragerU Is Bullshit