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Fizzy Video Embed List

    1. Spiderman Far From Home has a Squish Jelly Belly Full of Spiders
      Duration: 9:29

    2. LOL Surprise Toy Story 4 Switch Wrong Heads with The Incredibles
      Duration: 15:49

    3. Kidrobot Gudetama Eggstra Lazy Egg Full Set of Collectible Enamel Pin Series
      Duration: 10:32

    4. Toy Story 4 Movie Disney Legos Have Wrong Heads with Buzz Lightyear and Forky
      Duration: 12:07

    5. Toy Story 4 Sheriff Woody has Slime Jelly Belly with Toy Surprises
      Duration: 14:37

    6. Spiderman Far from Home Plays Fizzy and Phoebe's Disk Drop Game for Toys
      Duration: 16:08

    7. What's Inside Goo Jit Zu Cutting Open Slime and Squishy Toys
      Duration: 16:14

    8. Toy Story 4 Forky has Jelly Belly with Toy Surprises
      Duration: 16:38

    9. Toy Story 4 Forky Plays the Fizzy and Phoebe Disk Drop Game
      Duration: 17:17

    10. Blume Day Unboxing Blume Dolls Add Water and Watch Them Grow!
      Duration: 12:35

    11. Fizzy Plays Tooth Game Show with Surprise Toys & The Incredibles
      Duration: 19:14

    12. Fizzy Game Show with Trolls The Grinch and Paw Patrol Toy Surprise Boxes
      Duration: 18:21

    13. HUGE 40 Mashems & Fashems Compilation Show!
      Duration: 30:36

    14. Fizzy Has Jello Gummy Jelly Belly and Opens Kidrobot Blind Boxes
      Duration: 14:15

    15. Fizzy and Phoebe Open 40 Squishy Mashems Disney PJ Masks Paw Patrol Toys
      Duration: 24:36

    16. Paw Patrol Cruise Ship Pool Party Swim with Dolphins
      Duration: 17:44

    17. Wacky Wednesday Fizzy and Phoebe's Jelly Belly Surprise Toys
      Duration: 14:56

    18. Toy Story 4
      MovieDuration: 0:26

    19. Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 Full Set of 2019 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
      Duration: 14:52

    20. Fizzy and Phoebe Play Twin Telepathy Slime Challenge for Hairdorables
      Duration: 12:46