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Live trapping formed part of a pest reduction programme & all animals were despatched using cervical dislocation.
Newly married, he misses his wife, và despatches a message to lớn her, asking for a souvenir which he could take into battle.
Esther herself commends the uniformed police, who conduct themselves "with the greachạy thử despatch, and without the waste of a moment" (ch. 57; 826).
On the one hand, the despatch of small groups of insurgents to lớn politically sensitive sầu or vulnerable areas had so far proved lớn be ineffective.
After a particularly violent storm, a catcher-boat was despatched around the islvà solely khổng lồ check that the campers were safe.
Promises were made but the twenty-one amphibious aircraft earmarked for reinforcement would not be despatched until early 1940.
Large gold nuggets were despatched directly lớn the king while smaller finds were passed khổng lồ royal officials, the finders being rewarded with modest gifts.
The raw data & notes that " " he used in his consular despatches bởi vì not always appear in his private journal.
It was, therefore, anticipated that in order lớn obtain a sample size of approximately 300 patients, approximately 800 questionnaires would be despatched.
There is an appeal in the stories of human ingenuity & courage that found ways of despatching & processing such huge creatures, often in adverse conditions far from home page.
Care should also be taken lớn fill all tubes completely with alcohol before they are despatched, so as khổng lồ leave sầu as small an air bubble as possible.
The narrative sầu is based on his personal reflections, letters, documents, oral accounts, despatches và, of course, hindsight (but he makes no mention of having kept a diary).

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He despatched at least two vessels under this permit, carrying almost 140,000 pesos in bullion, along with produce consisting of cochineal, dyewood, indigo, vanilla, và drugs.
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someone with a very great ability that usually shows itself when that person is a young child

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