Installing command-line runs on Node.js và is available on NPM. Follow platform specific guides to install additional platform dependencies. Open a comm& prompt or Terminal, và type npm install -g

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Create a project

Create a blank project using the command-line tool. Navigate lớn the directory where you wish to lớn create your project and type create .

For a complete mix of options, type help create.

Add a platform

After creating a project, navigate lớn the project directory. From the project directory, you need lớn add a platsize for which you want lớn build your tiện ích.

To add a platkhung, type platsize add .

For a complete các mục of platforms you can add, run platkhung.

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Supported Platforms

See a list of features supported in each platform wraps your HTML/JavaScript app inkhổng lồ a native container which can access the device functions of several platforms. These functions are exposed via a unified JavaScript API, allowing you to lớn easily write one mix of code lớn target nearly every phone or tablet on the market today & publish to their ứng dụng stores.

* Tools

A diverse ecosystem of comm& line tools, JavaScript frameworks, & cloud services exist that augment

Ionic Framework

Ionic is a front-over SDK for building cross-platsize sản phẩm điện thoại apps. Built on top of Angular, Ionic also provides a platsize for integrating services like push notifications và analytics.


Comprehensive sầu cloud-powered và framework-agnostic phối of tools Monaca supports both online & offline development, debugging with live-reload feature and cloud build experience.

Onsen UI

Custom Elements-based HTML5 framework offers a large selection of components and responsive sầu layout tư vấn. Onsen UI lets you create professionally designed multiplatkhung apps without acquiring additional skillphối.

App Builder

App Builder is a complete IDE for Microsoft Windows which allows to lớn create HTML5 & native sầu apps without programming knowledge. Offers dozens of controls and actions ready to lớn be used in your apps & lot of phầm mềm samples lớn learn it.


Framework7 is a không tính tiền and open source điện thoại HTML framework for developing hybrid Mobile apps or website apps with iOS & Android native sầu look & feel.


NSB/AppStudio is an IDE for webapps/native apps. One step install includes complete PhoneGap integration, plus Bootstrap, jQuery thiết bị di động and jqWidgets. Drag & Drop Designer. Easy programming in JavaScript or BASIC. Windows and MacOS.


Mobiscroll is a collection of cross platsize UI controls for delivering polished iOS, Android & Windows Phone apps. Framework agnostic, use it with plain Javascript, jQuery, Angular, React or Knockout.


Instabug provides developers with a bug reporting and in-phầm mềm feedbaông xã solution. With a one minute install guide, it enables users to lớn seamlessly report bugs while automatically attachingdetails such as network logs, repro-steps, etc.


Write code once and simultaneously deploy it as a website, mobile / Electron App or Browser Extension. Yes, one codebase for all of them, helping you develop an ứng dụng in record time by using a state-of-the-art CLI và backed by best-practice, blazing f…


Modern replacement for PhoneGap Build. Upload project and certificates, then download builds (or upload khổng lồ store). Uses latest Apache và SDKs. There”s nothing lớn install: just sign up and submit.

Pacifica – Stress and Anxiety Relief

Daily tools for ức chế, anxiety và depression based on Cognitive sầu Behavioral Therapy và Mindfulness.

Sworkit – Personal Workout Trainer

Sworkit delivers on-demvà, personalized video exercises lớn millions of users lớn help them stay fit.

JustWatch – Streaming Search Engine

JustWatch is the easiest way khổng lồ see if your favorite movies or TV shows are available on any streaming provider.

Gudog – Dog Boarding

Gudog brings together dog owners and trustworthy dog sitters who offer Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking & Doggy Daycare.

Series Seven

Series Seven allows you khổng lồ trachồng your favorite TV shows and easily get all information about TV show. You”ll never miss new e…

Keepe – Handyman on Dem&

Get a Handyman or Plumber to your House in 1 Hour. Keepe delivers the right contractor at your doorstep.

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Clever Baby – Baby Log và Tracker

Clever Baby is the easiest way to lớn trachồng your baby”s well-being, growth và development.


You are using PhoneGap Build to develop your Apps? Then Buildr will be your new best friover. Rebuild, pull & monitor your a…

One Verse BIBLE

One Verse BIBLE is a beautifully crafted Bible app to lớn focus more on each Bible Verse & to lớn compare easily with various Bible…


Finally, a game of chess everyone can enjoy. Play chess against the computer or challenge your friends in online multiplayer…

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