to lớn bring together different pieces of written information so that the similarities and differences can be seen:

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Nâng cao vốn tự vựng của doanh nghiệp với English Vocabulary in Use từọc các trường đoản cú bạn phải tiếp xúc một cách đầy niềm tin.

I began by collating biographical information for those women composers for whom reference could be found in the library.
The active catalog system gathers và collates multimodal information about par ts so that engineers can access all the information in one place.
Helpful tables collating the manuscript sources and earlier printed editions, và informative biographical notes are also provided.
Studies collated from the literature were used lớn chạy thử for patterns in the efficacy of nematode applications in the management of above-ground pests.
First, data on user characteristics were collated in respect of physical dependency và evidence of different problems relating lớn mental health in old age.
In particular, it collates the evidence about patient perspectives on falls prevention, which have been neglected in the development and implementation of the interventions.
As a part of this process, all utterances identified as to lớn datives, for datives, or double-object datives were collated.

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Global connectivity is not required, and information can be gathered, collated and sent to lớn individuals at a much faster rate.
All being well, when the local trees are finally collated, every set that could reach the required (higher) tư vấn threshold will have sầu been fully counted.
By collating data on coverage levels, vaccine types và schedules, a better understanding of the reasons behind these inter- and intra-country differences can be developed.
Finally, service use và costs of illness were collated for the 6-month period prior to lớn the interview.





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