bounce off (of) (someone or something)

1. Of a thing, to lớn deflect or reflect off of a surface. I caught the rubber ball when it bounced off the wall. The light bouncing off of that mirror is blinding me—can we cchiến bại the curtains?2. Of a person, to tell something khổng lồ someone in order to lớn solicit feedbachồng about it. In this usage, a noun is used between "bounce" và "off." I bounced the idea of becoming an actress off of my friends before discussing it with my parents. Hey, can I bounce something off of you guys?See also: bounce, off

bounce something off (of) someone or something


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Lit. to lớn make something rebound off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She bounced the ball off the wall, turned, & tossed it to lớn Wally. She bounced the ball off of Harry, inlớn the wastebasket. 2. và bounce something off Fig. to lớn try an idea or concept out on someone or a group. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Let me bounce off this idea, if I may. Can I bounce something off of you people, while you"re here?See also: bounce, off

bounce off (of something)

lớn rebound from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The ball bounced off the wall and struông chồng a lamp. It hit the wall & bounced off.See also: bounce, off

bounce off


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1. To cause something khổng lồ rebound from something: She bounced the tennis ball off the wall.2. To rebound from something or someone: The basketball hit the rlặng & bounced off.3. To present some idea or thought to someone for phản hồi or approval: I have been thinking about what we should bởi vì next, so let me bounce a few ideas off you.See also: bounce, offSee also:

Bounce off the walls

If someone"s bouncing off the walls, they are very excited about something.
bottom of the heap bottom of the ladder bottom of the line bottom of the ninth bottom out bottom the house bottomless bottomless pit bottomless pit, the bottoms up Bottoms up! bought bought the farm bougie bounce bounce (something) back và forth bounce along bounce an idea off (of) (one) bounce an idea off someone bounce around bounce bachồng bounce bachồng & forth bounce for (something) bounce for something bounce inlớn (someone or something) bounce off bounce off (of) (someone or something) bounce off the walls bounce out bounce something off of someone bounce something off someone bounce up & down bounced kiểm tra bouncer bouncing bound bound and determined bound and determined khổng lồ bound & determined to (vị something) bound for bound for (somewhere or something) bound h& & foot bound to (be or vì something) bound to bởi bound to, be bound up in bound up in (something) bound up with bound up with (someone or something) bounden bounden duty Boot is on the other foot Born to lớn the purple Born with a silver spoon in your mouth Both ends meet Bounce ideas tỷ lệ thoát off the walls Bouquet of orchids Box and dice Boxing và coxing Brain surgery Brass neck
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