Shashi Tharoor

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Shashi Tharoor Video Embed List

    1. BJP May Do Better Than Left, Shashi Tharoor Tells NDTV On Kerala Fight
      Duration: 16:27

    2. Frank Talk with Shashi Tharoor
      Duration: 27:42

    3. Shashi Tharoor on the Consequences of British Colonialism in India
      Duration: 49:57

    4. To The Point with Shashi Tharoor
      Duration: 27:37

    5. Exclusive: Congress' Shashi Tharoor Confident of Winning 2019 Lok Sabha Polls | The Quint
      Duration: 4:55

    6. India and the World with Shashi Tharoor - Conversations with History
      Duration: 49:06

    7. Dr Shashi Tharoor MP - Britain Does Owe Reparations
      Duration: 15:29

    8. Dr Shashi Tharoor - Looking Back at the British Raj in India
      Duration: 1:12:35

    9. Bad Omens For Tharoor?| Mathrubhumi News
      Duration: 16:46

    10. Exclusive : Shashi Tharoor Vs Vinay Sahasrabuddhe On Hinduism & Hindutva | India Today Conclave 2019
      Duration: 24:03

    11. South Poll 2019 | Kerala | In conversation with Shashi Tharoor of INC
      Duration: 25:10

    12. Shashi Tharoor on politics, India and his wife's death
      Duration: 14:16

    13. "Cut From List": Shashi Tharoor Says Not Allowed Into Temple With PM Modi
      Duration: 2:18

    14. Shashi Tharoor Gets Head Injuries While Making Offerings At Temple
      Duration: 4:24

    15. Kerala Seat Shows Rahul Gandhi's Strength Over PM Modi: Shashi Tharoor
      Duration: 5:03

    16. Shashi Tharoor,“India and China: Competition, Co-operation, Conflict?”
      Duration: 1:28:50

    17. Shashi Tharoor on what the British did to India | Antidote Festival at Sydney Opera House
      Duration: 52:10

    18. Shashi Tharoor interview: How British Colonialism 'destroyed' India
      Duration: 5:51

    19. Shashi Tharoor injured। Fell from scale in a Temple। Vishu।Gandhari Amman Kovil।Thiruvananthapuram
      Duration: 3:23

    20. Normal English vs Shashi Tharoor English | Akash Banerjee
      Duration: 3:55