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Megyn Kelly Video Embed List

    1. Are These Halloween Costumes Too Controversial To Wear? | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 11:21

    2. The Real Reason Megyn Kelly Is Leaving NBC
      Duration: 4:47

    3. Gayle King Thinks Megyn Kelly 'Stepped In It'
      Duration: 11:29

    4. Mom Speaks Out After Son Is Abducted, Taken Overseas By His Father | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 10:14

    5. Amy Holmes, Roland Martin Talk To Megyn Kelly About Blackface Comments | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 13:05

    6. Our Thoughts on Megyn Kelly’s Comments on Blackface
      Duration: 4:41

    7. Megyn Kelly Exits NBC With Remainder Of $69M Deal | TODAY
      Duration: 1:21

    8. The Stunning Transformation Of Megyn Kelly
      Duration: 7:55

    9. Megyn Kelly Gets Even WORSE NEWS After NBC Fired Her
      Duration: 5:38

    10. Megyn Kelly Panel Talks About The Colorado Dad Accused Of Killing His Family | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 11:40

    11. Willis Clan Describes Healing After Their Father’s Sexual Abuse | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 14:58

    12. Justine Bateman Tells Megyn Kelly About The Pitfalls Of Fame | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 12:19

    13. Megyn Kelly's 'Blackface' Remarks
      Duration: 2:23

    14. Woman Born With Unusual Birthmark Discovers She Is Her Own Twin | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 7:25

    15. Megyn Kelly in hot water for blackface comment
      Duration: 3:49

    16. Joe Rogan Watches Megyn Kelly's Blackface Slip up
      Duration: 5:43

    17. Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Left Fox News
      Duration: 2:05

    18. Megyn Kelly Interview with Donald Trump
      Duration: 23:14

    19. ‘Real Housewives’ Alum Speaks Out On Son’s Attempted Murder Charges | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 12:55

    20. Identical Twins Marrying Identical Twins?! The Megyn Kelly TODAY Panel Discusses | Megyn Kelly TODAY
      Duration: 11:36