Explosion Paris

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Explosion Paris Video Embed List

    1. Gas leak caused deadly explosion at Paris bakery
      Duration: 1:32

    2. Gas Explosion At Paris Bakery Kills Three People, Injures Dozens | NBC News
      Duration: 1:33

    3. Images impressionnantes des quelques minutes après l'explosion à Paris
      Duration: 1:51

    4. 2 dead, dozens injured in powerful Paris bakery explosion, French authorities say
      Duration: 1:00

    5. 2 Firefighters Killed And 47 People Injured In Paris Bakery Explosion | TIME
      Duration: 1:05

    6. France: Witnesses recount moments of Paris gas explosion
      Duration: 2:20

    7. LIVE: Live from central Paris following huge explosion
      Duration: 28:28

    8. France: At least 20 reported injured in Paris gas explosion
      Duration: 1:37

    9. French police report shooting, explosions in Paris
      Duration: 6:57:35

    10. Paris bakery explosion; death toll rises to four
      Duration: 0:56

    11. Body Found In Paris Bakery Explosion Brings Death Toll To 4 | TIME
      Duration: 1:15

    12. Heftige Explosion im Zentrum von Paris
      Duration: 0:46

    13. 3 dead, dozens injured in Paris bakery gas leak explosion
      Duration: 1:30

    14. Several Injured in Paris Bakery Explosion
      Duration: 0:43

    15. Explosion rings out at Paris protest barricade
      Duration: 1:15

    16. France: Interior Minister Castaner visits Paris gas blast site
      Duration: 1:24

    17. Paris Attack | Explosion Audible From Stade De France
      Duration: 0:19

    18. Tense Weekend: Blast hits central Paris, Yellow Vests protest goes into 9th week
      Duration: 6:51

    19. Explosion rocks central Paris
      Duration: 28:59

    20. Gas explosion destroys upper floors of Paris apartment block
      Duration: 0:21